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Aerial Replacement Mast & Purloin "New"Out Of Stock

Aerial Replacement Mast & Purloin (Electric) Genuine MK2 “New”

£25.79 ex VAT £30.95 inc. VAT

A brand new genuine electric aerial replacement mast and purloin for the MK2 1.6 & 1.8 models 1998 to 2005

Genuine part no. B05A66A30

If your motor is still working but the mast is not, then this is the part you will require – if you need information on how to replace do worry we can help just give us a call



Alpine Door Speaker Set "New"Out Of Stock

Alpine Door Speaker Set MK2 “New”

£29.13 ex VAT £34.96 inc. VAT

A set of brand new Alpine SXE-5725S door speakers suitable for the MK2 1.6 and 1.8 models 1998 to 2005

” 13x18cm (5×7″) 2-Way Coaxial Speaker

” 200w Peak / 40w RMS Power

” 55.5mm mounting depth

” Frequency response 70 Hz – 20 kHz

A perfect fit for the MK2 with exceptional sound quality

Out Of Stock

CD Player – Original MK2 “Used”

£62.50 ex VAT £75.00 inc. VAT

A used original multi function CD player for the MK2 1.6 and 1.8 models

Fully tested and in full working order

Stereo Surround Securing Bracket "Used"

Stereo Surround Securing Bracket “Used”

£5.00 ex VAT £6.00 inc. VAT

A used standard sized stereo surround securing bracket for both MK1 and MK2 models.

Various sizes and makes available, please enquire for more details with the make of stereo you require this for.